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Aviel Vaisler, founder, owner and pincipal

Aviel is a veteran technology strategy, marketing and planning expert in the telecommunication industry. Aviel started his career as a Senior Engineering Manager in Motorola and was pivotal in the planning and engineering operations of one of the most complex, busy and fast growing cellular networks in the world. In 1999, after two years as a Senior Program Manager in Motorola's headquarters,  Aviel joined Motorola Mobile Devices to start developing the global 3G market in general and for mobile devices in particular. Aviel worked closely with major cellular operators, especially in the US, and was instrumental in the planning and strategy of Motorola devices and in supporting US operators with their planning, launch and growth of 3G networks and additional mobile services, such multimedia, data and location-based services.

Aviel also worked in the Data Networking industry as Senior solutions marketing manager.

Before his career in telecommunications Aviel was also an air-force technical officer. 

Aviel is retained as the technology consultant and teacher at several prominent educational organizations in the Greater Chicago area. He developed exciting education technology programs using Apple® laptops and iPads.

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Education: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (plus complete M.Sc. coursework) • MBA (Kellogg)

Member:  PDMA (Product Development & Management Association) • PMI (Project Management Institute) • IIBA (international Institute of Business Analysis) • CEA (Consumer Electronics Association)

Trained : PMP (Project Management professional) • NPDP (New Product Development Professional) • SSPD (Six Sigma for Product Development)

Certifications: Professional Educator License (PEL) - Endorsements : Science, Mathematics, Technology, Computer Science, Business & Marketing • CEA Professional Audio-Video Specialist